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What Makes a Great Leader: Self-Care

The next element of a Great Leader in this blog series is Self-care. Self-Care is about balancing emotional and physical stressors in life with healthy behaviors such as exercising, eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, relaxing, practicing mindfulness, abstaining from substance abuse, and pursuing creative outlets. Self-care also includes fostering beneficial and meaningful relationships with … Continue reading

What Makes A Great Leader: Emotional Maturity

Emotional maturity may be defined as, “the balance between the brain and the emotions, between the inner and outer world of the individual”. Emotional maturity is an essential aspect in the development of the individual and progresses with us as we age. It has also been described as the ability to remain cool under pressure, … Continue reading

What Makes A Great Leader: Locus of Control

What makes a great leader? Great leaders are admired and remembered. Civilizations have written stories and erected statues in their honor. You can find thousands of reasons why someone is a great leader but ultimately it boils down to how well an individual leads themselves. Undoubtedly millions of pages have been written throughout history, by … Continue reading

The Rise of Technology Stocks

Anyone interested in Economics or Finance would be aware of the astronomical gains made by Technology stocks in the past few years, particularly those listed on the NASDAQ. The NASDAQ stock market is the world’s second-largest stock exchange, just behind the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and is known for its price volatility. Stocks listed … Continue reading

The Future of Innovation

Despite what many believe, a new iPhone released every year is not true innovation. True innovation (also called disruptive innovation) changes the way society behaves and functions, shattering the status quo. It reduces our strain on resources and creates enormous value. When was the last time you witnessed a true innovation? Or have we mostly … Continue reading

Randomness and its place in Gaming

Randomness (also called RNG – Random Number Generator) is a technique often seen today in gaming and entertainment services. Randomness eliminates patterns and principles of organization, introducing unpredictability. It relinquishes all control from the individual and leaves all prospects to chance. Strategy and planning are completely thrown out the window in most cases. Randomness elements … Continue reading

Inherent Laziness – Why are we Lazy?

A characteristic that I believe all human beings have in common is our potential to be lazy and procrastinate. Even actions or behaviors we know will be extremely beneficial or necessary for success we end up neglecting. We seem to have inherent laziness. Keen-eyed readers will note that I stated “potential”. This is because we … Continue reading

Rebuilding Society – Realising Your Potential

An ominous storm stirs over in the distance. Before you and the crew have time to change course, the ship sails directly into the epicenter of the cataclysm. Your vessel is destroyed, along with your equipment and reserves. Fortunately, all lives were saved as everyone is washed ashore to a nearby island. Even better, as … Continue reading

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