Rebuilding Society – Realising Your Potential

An ominous storm stirs over in the distance. Before you and the crew have time to change course, the ship sails directly into the epicenter of the cataclysm. Your vessel is destroyed, along with your equipment and reserves. Fortunately, all lives were saved as everyone is washed ashore to a nearby island. Even better, as almost fashioned up by some bored deity, this island has an abundance of natural resources for the survivors to utilize during their stay. Everyone assumes a rescue in due time, but what if it never comes? Do we need to begin rebuilding society?

A shipwreck making it necessary to begin rebuilding society

The Way Forward

A mutual decision is made by the group that a new society should be forged, with every individual contributing their skills and talents to building this. Help is not coming and the group is completely isolated from the rest of the world. A crucial but unnerving question takes hold of your mind… how will I contribute? More importantly, how will I aid to ensure we can achieve an equal quality of life as we had back home.

Everyday blessings we took for granted such as electricity, running water, medicine, etc. will have to be created from scratch. As we only have the clothes on our backs we have technically been thrown back to the stone age. With not even the simplest tools available, hopefully, there is someone with fundamental skills such as mining and smelting. Will I be an innovator in the new world or do I rely on someone else to place the first building blocks of the invention before I can begin playing my role? Will I provide value during this developmental period or will I become a burden?

Cavemen starting fire, rebuilding society

Discovering Your Value in the Rebuilding of Society

While not a serious issue someone should base their worth on, I believe this topic is a fun thought experiment. I thought about this on and off for some time – I’m not an engineer, how could I possibly help rebuild society after an apocalyptic event? Will I be a woodcutter or berry picker to earn my keep? I currently work in sales, which is in no way useful in this situation. Blogging won’t help either!

Then I thought beyond my job and focussed more on my skillset.

Then it hit me…

I have a degree in biology. My post-graduate studies involved antibiotics. My knowledge is sufficient enough that I can find, isolate, and administer antibiotics to the survivors in times of need. I also know enough about human physiology and biochemistry to provide general medical assistance. Further to that, I worked at a beer brewery for several years. I could easily brew beer like the ancient Egyptians did thousands of years ago. I can contribute to the rebuilding of society.

Beer brewing like the Ancient Egyptians contributes to the rebuilding of society

What About You?

How would you contribute to building an early society provided that the society in question was large and abundant, easily accessible natural resources were available?